bathroom furniture

Bathroom Furniture

When you get ready to furnish your bathroom or remodel it, there are
several items that you will need. You need to consider the mirrors, the
shelves, and the storage that you are going to have in your bathroom.
The bathroom sometimes is ignored when people begin to furnish the rest
of their home. However, this is a very important room and should be
decorated accordingly.


Shelves will be necessary for anything that you need to find a place for
in the bathroom that you may not be able to fit anywhere else. Some
people use them for their towels and other accessories to give the
bathroom a bit of a face-lift. The shelves can be wooden. The look will
add to the rest of the bathroom if you have other wood accessories in
place. They can be glass and chrome. This is a very polished look. The
other alternative is a hard resin that is easy to clean. They can have
as many shelves as you need.


Some very good storage for the bathroom comes in the form of wicker.
There are wicker storage chests that have anywhere from two drawers to
five or six. These are great for keeping your bathroom supplies in and
will keep them out of sight at the same time. This helps to keep your
bathroom looking neater and not so cluttered.


The choice of mirrors is also quite varied. There are full-length
mirrors, stand up mirrors, hanging mirrors that are large, medium, and
small. The fog free mirrors are essential bathroom Furniture. Some even
have low watt heat behind them to help keep them from fogging when
someone is taking a shower or bath. Mirrors can have a chrome frame or
wooden. The décor of the bathroom should determine which you decide to
use. One type that really looks good in a bathroom are the panelled
mirrors. They almost look like a window.


Cabinets are an essential piece of bathroom Furniture. The cabinet has been a
mainstay in bathrooms for years and may be for several more. You can
choose from corner cabinets, shaker cabinets, contemporary cabinets, and
medicine chests. The contemporary and medicine chests cabinets normally
go over the sink. With the use of vanities instead of the sinks that
were once used, the medicine chest is not used as much any more. It
really depends on the preference of the home owner.

Shower Enclosure

Although many people may not consider this part of the bathroom
furniture, it really should be considered to be. The use of shower
enclosures has changed drastically over the years. The innovative ones
that are used today are almost doors. They are more ornate than they
have ever been. The shower doors can be fancy or plain. The doors
reflect the style of the bathroom.


Part of your bathroom décor will include your sink accessories. The soap
dish, dispenser, toothbrush holder, and waste basket. These may not
exactly be furniture but they are part of the overall effect of the
bathroom. They have to be coordinated with the rest of the bathroom or
it will look out of place. Matching the accessories in the bathroom
gives the appearance of a nicely furnished room. The towel bars and
toilet paper holders are part of the décor of the room.

Shower Shelves

The shower shelf plays an important role in the bathroom. For holding
anything that you may need while you are in the shower, such as shampoo,
conditioner, and soap The shelves can be in the corner or they can be
hung from the shower itself. These are waterproof so they will not rust
and can be made of different materials.

Toilet Seats

Toilet seats come in a wide variety of materials. They can be wooden,
plastic, chrome, and various other materials. If you want a particular
colour this can be matched to the rest of your bathroom. A chrome seat,
for example can match your sink accessories, such as taps. This
creates a designer look that will make your bathroom look great. Add the
mirror with a chrome frame and it all starts to come together.

Bath Mat Sets

Bath mat sets are available in a wide array of colours and styles. If
your bathroom has a theme, you can purchase the bath mat set to match.
Many people will use a seashell or dolphin theme for their bathrooms. By
adding the bath mats and rugs to match this theme, their bathroom looks
professionally decorated. Bathmats can be found with almost any type of
theme you are looking for to match the rest of your accessories. Big
sellers in bathrooms are fish, dolphins, whales, and any other aquatics.
These are very popular now and look great when matched to the bathroom

Shower Curtains

Just as the bath mats can be matched to the rest of the bathroom, the
shower curtains may be matched as well. The aquatic theme can live on
with your shower curtains to add to the other accessories. If you decide
on to use plain instead of an aquatic or other theme, you still need to
coordinate the colours so that your bathroom will have a good look, not
cluttered. For small bathrooms, the shower curtains should not be too
dark or it will make the bathroom appear smaller than it is. Use cooler
colours to help make your bathroom appear larger.

The bathroom is just like any other room in your home. It needs to have a
remodel once in awhile to keep up with the rest of the house. Your
bathroom can be accessorized to give it an updated look. This prevents
it being the only room in the house that has seemed to stay in the past
instead of being updated.

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