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Home Office Furniture If you have a home office, you need the right furniture to accessorize the office. You want it to reflect an office setting but you need to remember that it is not a typical office. Unless it in a very different part of your home, it should reflect a little of the same d├ęcor that you enter through to approach the office. Desks The number one item you will need in your office is a desk. It can be a wooden desk or metal. The options available here are open so the choice is what you like best. Some people prefer a wooden desk, which can be light wood or dark wood. Do you want the desk to use in the middle of the room like a typical desk or are you mainly going to use it for your computer? These are some of the questions that will get you headed in the right direction. If you are going to be using it as a regular, look across the desk at clients, type of desk, you will probably want one that is large so you have room for everything. Of course, there are drawers for putting things away but you still have all the essentials that need to be within reach. If you do not want a separate desk for your computer, this one needs to be long so that you have room to set the computer on one side of it. Office Chair The office chair needs to be selected carefully. This is the chair that you are going to be spending a lot of time in, so you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Do you want one with arms or without? Do you need a full back or the adjustable back? There are many options to consider when choosing the chair that will work for you. There are the executive type office chairs, ones with more padding in all the right places, gas lifts, high-back, mid-back, and low-back chairs. How do you decide which is the right one for you? Figure out what the options that you want your chair to have are and that will usually help you to locate the right one. Filing Cabinets You must have filing cabinets to hold all your paperwork. Can you imagine what kind of a mess these papers would be if they were not put away in a file where they cannot get scattered? Some people prefer the wood filing cabinets to metal. Maple is a popular choice and a light wood always seems to work with the desk and your other office furniture. The main thing about filing cabinets is they need to have plenty of room for expansion. A year from now you are going to have a lot more files to go in those filing cabinets. Bookcases Bookcases are necessary if you have many books for research. If you are setting your office up to look professional, some of the books might be just for looks. Regardless of the reason behind them being in your office, they need to be in a bookshelf so that they look neat and professional. This also makes them easier to find when you need to find one particular book to look something up for work. You can add a few embellishments to your bookcase. All in One Work Center If you have a need for everything to be together in one place, an all in one work center might be what you are looking for. This is one investment that you cannot go wrong when purchasing. The all in one has room for everything. With plenty of shelves to hold all your supplies, a spot for your computer monitor, keyboard, files, and the computer tower, this is one great value. For keeping everything together in one neat and organized area, the all in one work center will have you feeling like a professional in no time. Couches and Chairs If you have a waiting area for your home office, you will need a couple of couches and a chair or two for your clients to sit while they are waiting for you. There are some very good choices for this type of office furniture. They should be good and sturdy, easy to clean, and look good as well. You may choose a faux leather set of sofas for your office. Fabric is one choice but you probably want something that is a little easier to clean. If choosing fabric for your waiting area furniture you may want to make sure it is the scotch guard material so that there will be no problems with stains. The chairs should match and they can be either a striped or some sort of design to match a solid colored sofa or the other way around. You want it to be comfortable but you do not want it to look like your living room. Tables You may have a need for tables to hold magazines or just to round out your other furniture. This choice can be either wood or metal and glass. It really depends on what type of furniture you chose for your waiting area. Matching these together so that you can make your waiting room look comfortable but still look like a waiting room will take a little expertise. Magazine Racks Most waiting rooms have magazine racks as well as the office itself. For the convenience of the clients, a few racks are needed to hold some magazines for them to peruse as they wait. These can be wood or a wrought iron. Both are very attractive for the look that you want to create depending upon the rest of the furniture in the waiting area. Tables You may need a table and chairs for your office. If you are in a business such as real estate, you will need a spot for clients to sit and look over paperwork before signing. This does not need to be a large table. A medium sized one will do with at least four chairs for family members or friends that may accompany them. Room Dividers The room divider can come in handy if you are short on space. If you have to share your office with you waiting room, simply put a room divider between the two spaces and it creates a little privacy for you and your client. The room divider you choose can be a shelf type with or without a back. It really depends on which you prefer. For more privacy, one with a back on one side on which you can hang pictures to make it appear almost like a wall will work fine. Your choice of furniture for your home office really depends on your choice of styles and what you prefer. Some people like a contemporary look and others go for more of a sterile business look. The main idea of your home office is to take care of your clients so they will want to return.

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